Training (business training for companies)

Employees training

Contemporary enterprises instituted according to modern business models are often based on high awareness and employees’ skills. The training allows extraction of unknown potential out of personnel and positively influences the way our employees work. It is important to constantly raise the technical knowledge and skills of workers, but is it also essential to improve their business awareness and personality competences.

I will prepare a training plan matched to individual requirements of an enterprise and goals intended to be achieved.

Managerial training

A good manager gives entire company a chance for improving efficiency and making specific teams work much effective, and also implement tasks faster and better. The productive manager is perfect for bringing change and positive energy in the enterprise. All thanks to the fact that they are specific conduits between senior staff and ordinary workers. Due to high manager competences administration of company’s competences is becoming effortless and better information flow promotes development.

I will help you prepare the management board for adequate realization of all company’s goals. I will also take care of their management competences and point out proper development paths.

Project management training

Managing specific projects in the enterprise is pivotal for its development or even its survival on the market. The proper work organization and project management help in their solid implementation and what is more, they join the company’s framework together in one, better organized whole. Effective project implementation is the key for many enterprises. Omission in this field might be risky for all the organizational processes in the company.

I have implemented a number of projects in my work, I have looked after their proper functioning and completed all the tasks on time. Project management training will take your managers on a higher level of business understanding and allow more efficient work within projects implementing.

Risk management training

Risk management is one of the key matters in the enterprise. It unleashes the potential out of the company and its particular projects. The knowledge of this scope allows skillful risk management system implementation and later also control in the company. The knowledge of risk management allows almost faultless recognition of market threats and emerging opportunities.

This is one of the strategic training in most of the big companies and organizations. The training lets you elaborate on the effective way to develop the company and on particular projects taking into account many variables. This training is dedicated for management staff, especially risk managers.

Team management training

The work efficiency depends on how well the teams in the company are organized and managed. This key knowledge is supposed to be known by the personnel running the companies or big and small organizations. Gathering a right team, as well as conflict prevention and solving are invaluable skills that allow project teams to reach the peak of their abilities.

Team management training conducted by me is especially dedicated to managerial staff of different companies and organizations. Gaining this knowledge allows better manipulation of teams’ capabilities and more accurate risk and chance recognition that might positively influence the results of your work.

Change management training

Changes are inevitable, both on the market and inside your company or organization. The proper preparation for their occurrence allows faster and more positive reactions for processes taking place in your company and around you. Also in a case of any changes in the structure of the company, it is common to encounter negative response from employees or managers. Changes always arouse emotions, that is why it is worth to keep them under control.

I dedicate change management training especially to the companies that function on the dynamic market, and to those preparing to different kinds of internal transformations. Understanding the mechanisms of change and its influence on employees and teams allows going through all the processes much safely.

Boss/ leader training

Team leader/supervisor has an enormous influence on success in a case of many projects being implemented. The success depends on his interpersonal skills, knowledge, and predisposition. Work on personal features or character traits as well as gaining professional management knowledge is possible due to choosing the appropriate training.

On this training you will learn how to be an effective leader of your team, how to build the right relationships and trust inside the team, which are significant for many organizational processes. You will ascertain how to extract the potential from your team and yourself, what is more, all these skills will help you do your everyday leader duties even more consciously.

Dedicated closed training

Do you wish to expand or ground your knowledge of management of company, projects, team, or changes inside your enterprise? Please use special training
dedicated for a specific need for knowledge. Closed training can be held both in small groups (e.g. managerial staff) and during personal meetings with one person who
wants to improve their management competence. This training is a tailor-made product which gives you such an exact injection of knowledge as you need.