IT System Implementation/ Management

IT System Implementation/ Management

I know how important it is, for a company’s condition, to implement and manage an IT system. Each difficulty is a challenge for me, because of that and my longtime experience I am able to react to any complications that may occur immediately. I have already implemented ERP system in logistics, financial business, service, and manufacturing industries. I can guarantee tremendous knowledge and high level of social competence that allow creating teams and adequate managing of human resources during the project realisation.

Managing IT project

Creating efficient IT system requires complicated planning and management in each phase. IT projects allow companies to evolve, develop new competences, change for better, and establish services customised for customers’ needs. Running the IT project is an enormous challenge. The company’s success depends on efficient and quick project realisation, this is why it is worth to assign the task to the specialists.

I will thoroughly manage your IT project, from the very first idea and creating a team to commissioning and launching the project.

Implementing Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP has many applications in a company. It gives the opportunity to control the information flow (e.g. orders, communication with clients, warehouse management). By ensuring integration between activity areas of your company, it is possible to use available resources in a more effective way, and react to market trends or customer behaviour faster. ERP also helps making right business decisions and quickly finding market niche fit for development.

Years of experience let me support designing ERP system adapted to your company needs and working according to rules and laws most beneficial for the company.

Implementing Customer Relationship Management

From a business point of view CRM system is essentially a priceless support in a place where a client meets our company or organisation. CRM, if correctly executed, supports selling and analytical processes in the departments of marketing, customer service, sales, or even the management board. Database delivered by the system is a precious resource for the company, and its skilful analysis can bring high profits. We can learn about causes of service cancellations, influence of the marketing strategy on customers’ emotions, and the genesis of the sales process. CRM system is an invaluable support for customer service and also for the analysis of the quality of service in the company.

I know how important communication with the clients is and how much depends on it. Thanks to CRM, that I support the implementation of, you can expect the improvement of relationship with the customers and gathering valuable data of their preferences or behaviour.

Implementing BI

Nowadays business has to be intelligent. IT systems of Business Intelligence class are about adjusting your enterprise to existing, dynamic market. They can analyse data gathered by different systems, which can be subsequently tested and submitted to algorithms in order to search for trends, dependents, or lack of them. Moreover, it might be the key to establishing proper development strategy of the enterprise. BI systems are invaluable support for the management board.

Business analysis is my passion. It is fascinating how much knowledge one can gain from simple statistics and seemingly insignificant data. And even more exciting is what one can do with it and how profitable for the company it can be.

1. Adapting your company to the requirements of the current market

The strong position of your organization depends mainly on the number of satisfied customers. In the era of globalization and strong competition, customer retention is very difficult. The high quality of the products offered is often not enough, the customer expects large discounts, efficient service and quick response to market changes. Extensive IT systems (ERP classes) significantly organize the flow of information within the company.

2. Ensuring a competence gap

Focusing on looking at the IT industry, large companies have their own IT teams or Project Management Offices (PMOs) and their permanent employees. A small and medium company implements such an initiative to introduce an IT project once a year / several years. That is why not all companies have knowledge and competence within the company. Hiring an external manager for e.g. 8 months of the project ensures that this competence gap is filled.

3. Knowledge Transfer.

My activity as an external consultant, IT Project Manager, is focused on achieving specific and lasting business results that were previously agreed with the client. In order for the results to be sustainable, I also care about the transfer of know-how. I will teach your organization how to make changes and how to use the solution introduced during the contract.