My name is Karol Czapik. I am a consultant, advisor and an Interim Project Manager. I support managers, project managers, members of project teams and entrepreneurs in effective project management and transformation of work culture in their organization.

Who I am

I have been a manager with over 12 years of experience in conducting large projects in global companies as well as with local market leaders in industries such as e-commerce, logistics, e-mobility, IT, telecommunications, service outsourcing, finance and banking, OZE and R&D. During my professional career I was a volunteer, a salesman, a vice president and a  founder of the Enterprise Support Foundation Activus Promptus, and a head of the Project Management Office at InPost S.A company.

Team, project, and change management – each of these concepts contains a very important common denominator: people.

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Although I have been involved in project management for over a decade, I am an unsaved card every day. This means that I do not follow clichés, I have a head open to new solutions, and it is not my nature to rest on my laurels. I combine my passion for project management and good practices with a rich, constantly growing list of trainings in strategic management, project management and change.

I'm cooperating in:

Mentor w KMS
I am a mentor at the Kraków City of Startup Foundation, whose goal is to support startups by building relationships between them and business, government administration and universities. The Foundation also undertakes training and educational activities for people running or planning to start a business.
Doradca AMI Karol Czapik

I am an advisor at the Academy of Innovation Manager (this is a proprietary program of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development, tailored to the needs of entrepreneurs open to implementing changes in their companies and innovation management. The program is addressed to entrepreneurs (micro, small, medium, large enterprises), owners and employees of companies The substantive basis of the program is the diagnostic tool Innovation Health Check (IHC) sanctioned by the European Commission.


Współpraca z FlexiProject

I actively cooperate in the development and popularization of a comprehensive tool supporting effective project management in organizations – the FlexiProject system. Together, we build the awareness of entrepreneurs in the field of improving project management competences and business support offered by modern technology.

Współpraca - SPIN - EFEKT PMO - Project manager, konsultant PMO

In the activities of the Service Process Improvement Network, in order to promote the idea of ​​continuous improvement, both at the business and individual level in the areas of Lean Management, Six Sigma, Kaizen, RPA, BI and process management in the service sector by creating conferences, meetups and open meetings to exchange knowledge and good practices.

Współpraca - IPMA Polska- EFEKT PMO - Project manager, konsultant PMO

I am a member of an international organization related to project management, strategic management and change, IPMA Polska: International Project Management Association (IPMA)  and Assessor in the national competition for the best project:  Polish Project Excellence Award. 


Areas of expertise:

  • Project, program and portfolio management
  • Consulting
    Strategic planning
  • Implementation and optimization of IT systems
  • Operational planning
  • Risk management
  • Endangered project management
  • Team building and management
  • Nonprofit organizations

Zaufali mi

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My certificates

EFEKT PMO - PRINCE2 PRACTITIONER - certyfikat - zarządzenie projektami
EFEKT PMO - IPMA LEVEL D CERTIFIED - certyfikat - zarządzenie projektami
EFEKT PMO - APMGInternational Agile PM Practitioner - certyfikat
EFEKT PMO - PRINCE2 Foundation - certyfikat - zarządzenie projektami
EFEKT PMO - M_o_R - certyfikat - zarządzenie projektami
EFEKT PMO - APMGInternation AgileBa certyfikat - zarządzenie projektami
EFEKT PMO - MSP certyfikat - zarządzenie projektami
EFEKT PMO - APMGInternational - Change Managment - certyfikat
ITIL Karol Czapik
Certyfikat Karol Czapik z Lean Leadership