Project Manager

Each and every new project is a great chance for the company, but also a huge challenge. Creating new structures, business expansion, or business reorganization involve some risk. Wisely leading projects lets the enterprise develop, improve financial condition, acquire its place on new markets. On the other hand, badly leading projects contributes to weakening financial condition or even your company image. This is why external support might be very useful.

I, as a project leader, will make sure the set goal is achieved in the shortest possible way and the expected outcome meets all previously established assumptions.

IT Project Manager

IT projects are usually the key solutions that improve functioning of important areas of the company. All depends on the quality of project implementation. In the case of properly performed work, the project usually starts bearing fruit quickly and brings tangible benefits.

I have an extensive experience as an IT project manager, I offer a professional approach at every step, organization, and focusing on the goal. Thanks to my experience, I can also offer support on the level of completing a team and preparation of initial concepts of IT solution.

PMO Manager

Setbacks while creating and implementing business projects can be quite expensive and weigh on the condition of the company. Therefore, managing projects is essential and should be focused on.

As a PMO manager, I plan and organize projects according to a jointly agreed work schedule. High level of analytical skills allows me to quickly and aptly draw conclusions in every given task. I undertake a number of organizational activities, including expert consultations and preparing teams for work.

Company management

Company management services are necessary in the case of dynamic changes in the company’s structure, as well as in crisis situations. My assistance might be useful also in the case of lack of solutions supporting work organization.

I will propose and prepare proper solutions to implement. They aim at improving the organization quality inside the company that translates to sales results and consumers’ reception. Thanks to my interdisciplinary approach, I will be able to work on the IT ground as well as share the management knowledge.

Portfolio management

Portfolio management in the enterprise is essential for the development, as well as guiding the company’s development. The aim of portfolio management is minimizing the risk of losses incurred in various projects and investments and maximizing profit the investments might bring. The right strategy allows to perfectly operate the company’s (as well as personal) budget and use the maximum of your financial potential.

I pay special attention to the analysis of threats and opportunities resulting from the investments, and I draw on the best market analyzes and technological solutions that allow for even better financial management.

Process management

Process management in the enterprise is essential for smooth operation and development. It noticeably influences the condition of the company and how it is perceived from outside. Although the processes taken place inside the company are often imperceptible for the clients, the final products resulting from conducted processes are the flagship of the company.

In the organization of process management I take both analytical actions and implementation activities – I prepare operating plan and implement suitable IT solutions (such as ERP) carefully designed for the company requirements.

Project management

A lot depends on the way we manage the projects in the company. If the enterprise is correctly organized and the projects run smoothly, it has a positive effect on the financial condition. Whereas if there are some abnormalities occurring and the solutions are missed, one must be prepared for problems, also of financial nature.

As a qualified manager with huge experience, I will support your business in project management in such a way so it brings maximum profits with as little burden for the company as possible. I take care for the whole management process, from the very first idea to execution of work by the project teams.

IT project management

Thanks to IT projects companies develop and change very dynamically. A number of enterprises have IT departments that are their technological backbone. Projects run by this department are essential for the company’s activities and that is why it should be cared for well.

Years of experience allow me to manage IT projects in big and small enterprises, organizations, or structures. Thanks to my management knowledge all the projects are perfectly planned, and particular project teams perform their tasks extremely reliably and fast.

What are the benefits of this cooperation model?

1. Knowledge

The project is implemented by a Project Manager with appropriate qualifications. The objective approach of an external expert is an added value for your organization’s project and design environment.

2. Saving money

No recruitment costs and savings on employment. You only pay for real-time spent on the project.

3. Saving time

Based on proven methods and best practices, I save your precious time.