Consulting Consultancy

IT consulting

IT system or IT department is often an essential element of the enterprise. However, it is also very sensitive to failures and problems resulting from even minor negligence. IT system not working properly results in many problems for modern enterprise. This is why it is so important to protect it from failures, as well as build the systems in a way they are the least prone to failure and they let the company develop by fulfilling their tasks and functions.

I propose IT consulting which is the solution that allows highlighting all the problems of IT network, deficiencies in the systems and software, and what is important, indicating ready and suitable solutions that immediately eliminate any problems in this field.

Business consulting

Running business in a modern way requires the proper analytical approach, many tools, and commitment so all the projects work and develop correctly. The final financial and image success depends on the project organization.

I offer business consulting especially for such departments as: logistics, services, finance, production. Years of experience have given me the analytical approach and let me run a number of processes in your company. My business consulting service covers all the sectors of your activities, market analysis, and essential company structures.


Merely the action strategy is not enough. The relevant question is on what base it is created. Each strategy requires adequate work method and preparing essential solutions for the company. Proper choosing of organizational work method results in better execution of all projects.

Thanks to management knowledge I always choose the right work methodology for the particular problem and take into consideration the specifics and demands of your business. I select project management methodology according to specific requirements and needs of your enterprise. In this way you receive tailor-made solutions adapted to your needs.

Work organization

The proper activity and work organization, especially in the case of big companies, does not allow to waste potential but helps to fully use it. Therefore, work organization is essential for extracting all the best out of the company.

During the years of gaining experience I have organized work in many companies and organizations, that is why I am very flexible when it comes to specific organizational requirements. Properly organized business management has a positive impact on financial results and will allow you to achieve your goals.

Strategy forming

Strategy is the key! Due to strategy, the company follows its specific direction and does not deviate. Due to strategy, all the plans are implemented, and the results of work are evaluated in an analytical way. A strategy involves a number of organizational, analytical, and controlling actions that permit monitoring the progress. In the case of big companies and organizations strategy forming is extremely crucial.

Together we can work on forming the right strategy of the company development and adapt it to the requirements and specificity of your company; taking into account investment portfolio, financial possibilities, and proper risk management. Skillful strategy leads to obtaining all the goals quickly.


Company management is very complicated, especially in difficult moments that happen in every business. Management board of any company or organization also needs support in many complicated situations, market changes, or internal crisis.

I offer management support in particular company structures, as well as in the whole enterprise in some situations. As a qualified manager I take care of everything according to management standards, my broad knowledge, and years of experience gained in many companies, enterprises, or organizations.

Portfolio management

Skillful portfolio management of the company or organization allows minimizing the risk and at the same time increasing the chances for the final success. By proper financial organization one can positively stimulate the company development and make the company develop faster. The right analytical approach and drawing conclusions from financial condition of the company as well as from the existing state of the market are crucial.

In the case of portfolio management I offer using professional tools, additionally supported by my knowledge that I have gained for years. I analyze all the economic aspects and skillfully introduce them into company’s strategy taking into account the specificity of this company.

Project management system

Project management is the key activity that allows proper directing of the company, using maximum potential, and not wasting energy and means.

I offer creating professional and tailored to your needs project management system. I reach for IT solutions, such as company management systems, and projects dedicated for your company. I use full management and implementation knowledge in combination with new technology.

1. Finding dysfunctions – the source of the problem

An external consultant can look at an organization, project, team from above, as a rule, it can more and faster track the sphere for improvement than employees who are emotionally associated with a given area, task, project or process.

2. A new, fresh look

Thanks to many years of implementation of various projects – from simple ones, involving the implementation of a new service, IT program, product – to optimization projects and transformation programs. I can offer you extensive experience gained during their implementation.

3. Stress reduction

Establishing cooperation with me within a specific period of time, I will implement significant changes, solve a sudden problem, help overcome a serious deadlock or develop an existing activity, contributing to the improvement and improvement of the company’s condition and the qualification of employees.