Team, project, and change management - each of these concepts contains a very important common denominator: people.

My work is dedicated to them, although it is often demanding for both parties.
However, its fruit is a change that not only their but your business needs.

See what I can do for you

What can I do for you ?

Interim Project Manager

In this role I become a manager for ‘special tasks’, I am hired by you to implement a specific project within a specified time.


Consulting / Consultancy

Do you want to introduce a project culture to your organization or improve its condition? Consulting is just for you!


IT System Implementation/ Management

If your organization goes through difficulties with an implementation or a modification of a complex IT system (CRM, ERP, BI) or does not have relevant experience and competence in an introduction of complex implementations, contact me – I will be more than happy to help.


Training (business training for companies)

I always provide tailor-made training according to your individual needs. I conduct training for teams, leaders, business owners and their bosses. I can help with topics such as project and program management, risk management, change management, people management.


Other services

Do you have any doubts what form of support you need? Maybe you need help in a specific and urgent matter? If so, I would like to invite you for an individual consultation.


Although I have over 10 years of experience in project management, my mind is not set in stone.

I do not follow the usual patterns, and it is not my nature to rest on my laurels.
See what my working methods are.

Don’t know exactly what you need?

We can arrange a non-binding meeting.

The first consultation lasts 30 minutes, and its cost – 60 PLN – is entirely allocated to the statutory purposes of the foundation that I support.

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